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As we have been in the Newspaper Business for many years, we have always tried to achieve a greater goal and have been rewarded for our efforts along the way.

With 7 highly commended Distribution Awards until 2001, our business has been recognised as valuable achievers to the Newspaper Business. In 2002, Ron McKinnis, Co-founder of FCN with his wife Margaret, took up a position with the Victorian Authorised Newsagency Association (VANA) and was voted Chairman for more than 9 years. Ron's position on the Board eliminated us from participating in further awards until his retirement in 2010. In 2012, 2013 and 2014, we where nominated as a finalist for the Victorian Distribution Newsagency category.

As Newsagencies changed with Digital Media, we decided to focus more on our Newspaper Distribution and therfore removed ourselves  from the Newsagency Associations.


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