Delivery of your Newspaper

What time does my paper arrive?

Your newspaper should be delivered prior to 7.00am each day. This may vary depending on the print time of the paper. If your building opens at 7.00am, your delivery may be delayed to gain access inside for the delivery.

The delivery time of your paper should be approximately the same time each day. If you have not received your paper by 9.30am, please give us a call.

Where will my paper be delivered?

When initially ordering your paper, our friendly staff member will be able to assist. We cannot give specific details as each delivery varies from building to building, however, once your delivery commences the delivery point should not change. If you are not happy with the delivery point, please give us a call.

I am going on holidays.

Please use the Stops and Starts menu under the Newspaper orders tab or phone or email our friendly staff and allow 1 Business day for the Stop, Start to commence. If you are a Direct Subscriber with a Newspaper Publisher, you will have to contact them direct.

I would like to add another paper.

Please use the 3 easy step guide on the Orders Tab.

I can't find my newspaper.

Please phone us prior to 9.30am and we will have this replaced or credited.


Can’t find something?

If you are unable to find the publication you are looking
for, contact us and we will find it for you!
Call 9614 2573 or email us by clicking here

Ground Level 65 Francis Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000, Telephone (03) 9614 2573